Strand ES500 Outside Access Digital Lock

Brand: Strand

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Strand ES500 Outside Access Digital Lock

  • Specifically adapted for use with Strand Antipanic modular push bar, push pad and touch bar devices.
  • Keypad side only supplied.
  • Satin stainless steel finish.

Instructions for Strand ES500 Outside Access Digital Lock

  • After establishing correct position of exit mechanism on door face, remove the mechanism for fitting of digital outside access device.
  • After determining correct hand insert 8mm spindle into handle follower and cam as shown. The devices are supplied with both LH and RH spindles - care should be taken to ensure the spindle is cut down to correct size and the cut end enters the handle follower.
  • Secure digital outside access device to fixing plate using one of the M4 screws provided into lower fixing post. Ensure cam is free to rotate.
  • The fixing plate is then secured with appropriate screw for material and then secure other M4 screw to top fixing post through section.
  • The mechanism can now be positioned onto fixing plate as shown with appropriate screws.