SF-250F Door Selector

Brand: Newstar

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SF-250F Door Selector SSS

The SF-250F Door Selector is Designed to be fitted to a set of rebated doors, the idea is to slow one leaf down to
allow the right leaf to sit in the frame before the other leaf, this is to ensure that the pair of doors close correctly.



In the event of fire where the emergency exit consists of double swinging doors, the fuses on both sides will blow and the door closer will operate to close the door. However, there is a set order in which the two doors must close and it is the 28934 door selector which regulates this order. In the case of a fire breaking out, even if the door which should close afterwards, begins to close first , it will be held back by the regulator until the other door has closed. Then, the lever of the regulator will disengage, permitting the remaining door to close, and thus the function of the fire door will be completely fulfilled. For double swinging fire doors, this closing order regulator is an indispensable device for use in conjunction with a door closer fitted with a temperature sensitive fuse.


When the door which should close first starts to close in second position, the meeting plates on the head of the door will move ahead while pushing down the sides of the lever, and in response, the hold on the door to close in second position will be released and this door will follow in the wake of the first door, embracing the lever as it closes. Thus, even when the closing order is initially reversed, the closing order regulator will ensure that closing of the doors takes place in the fixed order.