Mul-T-Lock Breaksecure 3DS Euro Double Cylinder 36Ax36

Brand: Mul-T-Lock

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Mul-T-Lock Breaksecure 3DS Euro Double Cylinder 36Ax36mm

Having been tested to BS EN 1303:2015, TS007 3* and SS312 Diamond Standard, the Breaksecure 3DS is also endorsed by Secure by Design, the police preferred specification. It sets a new standard of defence against burglaries, offering extra peace of mind to your customers.

  • Easy to fit: All you need is the correct size lock and a screwdriver! Simply unscrew your interior handles, push the old lock out and put the new one in.
  • Guaranteed: We are so confident that the 3DS will offer maximum protection to your home that we offer a full ten-year guarantee.
  • Patented Key: Patented key for extra protection. Only Mul-T-Lock Approved Locksmiths can cut.
  • One Key House: For high security with the ultimate convenience ask you locksmith about a keyed alike option for your Breaksecure 3DS cylinders, so that one patented key can unlock all your front, back, patio and other external doors.

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