Exidor 400/401 Touch Bar Panic Latch

Brand: Exidor

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Exidor 400/401 Touch Bar Panic Latch

The Exidor 400 and 401 are surface mounted touch bar panic latches for wooden or steel, single and double door applications, including fire doors.

The 400 is suitable for doors up to 900mm wide and the 401 for doors up to 1200mm wide. Simply pushing the touch bar provides safe and speedy exit in panic situations, whilst the patented lip prevents accidental jamming. Combining smooth stylish lines with the excellence of British engineering ensures they’re elegant enough for use in the most prestigious buildings with integrated interiors.

• Non-handed

• CE marked for safety

• Suitable for fire doors

• Surface mounted

• Two standard sizes - other sizes available on request

• Deadlocking latch bolt

• Silver Finish

• White with green touch bar and black with green touch bar, Plated finishes and most RAL colours available.


Maximum door width

The touch bar does not have to cover the full width of the door. To satisfy the requirements of EN 1125: 2008 the width of the touch bar’s actuator must cover at least 60% of the width of the inside face of the door leaf (as visible when the door is closed). (For more details please see below)

Minimum door width

This minimum door width is determined by adding the clearances required at each end to the overall length of the touch bar. (For more details please see below)


All touch bars configurations are available in two standard lengths:

• 653.5mm overall which suits door widths between 692mm to a maximum of 900mm

• 833.5mm overall which suits door widths between 872mm to a maximum of 1200mm

They are identified by the model numbers (e.g. Model 400 is a single point latch unit 653.5mm overall, model 401 is a single point latch unit 833.5mm overall)


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