Dorma 9800MLR Series Panic Bolt Touch Bar with Motorised Retraction

Brand: Dorma

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Dorma 9800MLR Series Panic Bolt Touch Bar with Motorised Retraction

The 9000 Series heavy-duty exit device provides superior durability while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards.

Motorised Latch Retraction Specify suffix MLR

A motor concealed in the touchbar provides instantaneous retraction of the latchbolt to provide access from the secure side of the door. Remote control can be accomplished with switching devices such as key switches, card readers etc. that provide a normally open or closed electrical contact. The MLR unit can also be used for electronically dogging the bar open.

 CERTFIRE Approved CF875.

The 9800 Series is a panic bolt fitted completely to the face of the door. The 19mm deadlocking, Pullman type latchbolt engages surface or recessed keepers in the frame head and a 12mm slide bolt engages in the floor, providing secure dual-point locking of the door.


This premium exit device is built for high impact applications such as schools, universities and other institutional or commercial buildings.

DORMA solutions

All devices and trim are designed for 48mm - 101mm thick doors.  For door thickness greater than 101mm, consult DORMA.


  • Size “AA” device fits 1220mm wide door, can be cut to door 838mm wide on site
  • Size “CC” device fits 915mm wide door, can be cut to door 610mm wide on site
  • Standard device fits doors up to 2430mm high, specify extended rods “ETR” for doors 2430mm to 3050mm high
  • Devices are handed but easily field-reversible.

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