Briton 1413E/LE/SE Outside Access Device Lever

Brand: Briton

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Briton 1413E/LE/SE Outside Access Device Lever

A basic lever operated unit allowing access from the outside through a door fitted with panic hardware inside. Suitable for left or right hand opening doors. The lever is secured to the OAD by a special shear screw designed to fail if the lever is severely abused (e.g. attempted break in, or vandalism) ensuring the mechanism is protected from damage. The shear pin can then be simply replaced to restore normal operation. It has a removeable euro profile single cylinder and comes with 2 keys, which can be copied by a highstreet keycutter. Suitable for use with Briton push pad and push bar units and can be used with many other crash bar makes. Silver finish as standard


  • Ergonomic design
  • Non-handed
  • Vandal resistant design
  • Tested and Certified by an independent test house
  • CE marked for safety
  • Certified for use on fire doors
  • Standard Euro profile cylinder, with 2 keys
  • Standard Colour Silver



Use :
 Timber or metal, single or double doors 
Type :
 Lever Operated Outside Access Device
Locking : 
Euro single cylinder (included), with 2 keys