Axim PH-2100 Series Paddle Handle Complete with Cam

Brand: Axim

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Axim PH-2100 Series Paddle Handle Complete with Cam

  • The 2100 series push/pull paddle handle is designed to operate the 2100-40R series latch lock via a cam plug supplied.
  • The handle can be fitted to either side of the door, and a standard rim cylinder can be fitted to the reverse side for access.
  • Secured in the latch body by cylinder set screw. It is also rigidly tied to lever handle escutcheon by steel pins.
  • The paddle handle is satin silver anodised aluminium.
  • Satin black aluminium housing, with zinc plated steel internal components.
  • Specify hand required. Handing may be reversed by removing the spring clip and turning the cam plate over.



Click here for the Axim Specification sheet


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