Axim TC-8800 Series Concealed Transom Door Closer Body only

Brand: Axim

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Axim TC-8800 Series Concealed Transom Door Closer Body only

Technical information:

  • 3 strengths available: light, medium or heavy duty for door widths up to 1200mm wide and 100 Kgs in weight
  • Control options: No Hold or Hold Open 90°
  • Cushioned Backcheck
  • Compact size
  • 2 valves for closing and latching speed adjustment
  • Installation guide with drilling templates
  • Dummy unit available
  • c/w TC-8800-03 'A' kit header bar bracket

Select size smaller for internal doors and size larger for doors in severe conditions.

Light duty upto 750mm

Medium duty 751-950mm

Heavy duty 951-1150mm

No complete independent certification available from the manufacturer.

Ordering codes:

  • TC-8801-00 = Light Duty None Hold Open
  • TC-8801-90 = Light Duty Hold Open 90
  • TC-8802-00 = Medium Duty None Hold Open
  • TC-8802-90 = Medium Duty Hold Open 90
  • TC-8803-00 = Heavy Duty None Hold Open
  • TC-8803-90 = Heavy Duty Hold Open 90


Specification Sheet for the 8800 Series


Maintenance Instructions 


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