Adams Rite 7100 Series Subcover Extension

Brand: Adams Rite

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Adams Rite 7100 Series Subcover Extension

Lip Extensions are for centre hung doors, thick doors or other conditions that may vary from the standard 1 3/4" thick door that closes flush (or near flush) with the jamb face. For existing 7100 Series strikes, a thin metal membrane in the standard lip can be drilled or punched out and the lip extension can be added in the field. 

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Subcover Extension Codes (order separately)

         Order Code  Dimension*

  • 91-0171-01 - 38.1mm (1.50”) 
  • 91-0171-05 - 50.8mm (2.00”) 
  • 91-0171-06 - 54.1mm (2.13”)
  • 91-0171-07 - 57.2mm (2.25”)
  • 91-0171-13 - 76.2mm (3.00”)

*Dimension from door centreline to jamb edge.


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