GEM GK311-1224 ANSI Electric Strike 12/24 V DC

Brand: GEM

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GEM GK311-1224 ANSI Electric Strike 12/24 V DC


The GK300 series ANSI electric strikes is designed for use with cylindrical locksets or mortise locksets without a deadbolt. It can be fitted to a wide range of applications and is field reversible for fail-safe or fail-secure operation.

  • Non-handed fully reversible

  • Field reversible fail-safe or fail-secure

  • Static strength1,000 lbs (454Kg)

  • Dynamic strength 50 ft-lbs

  • Endurance rating 250,000 cycles UL tested, 1,000,000 cycles factory tested

  • Brushed stainless steel (US32D) finish

  • CE: EC741012-01

  • Voltage: 12,24, or dual 12/24VDC

  • Latch Throw: 9/16" (15mm)

  • Body Construction: Zinc alloy, Stainless steel


Please click here for GEM GK311 Electric Strike Specification