Dormakaba BTS 80 Floorspring EN 3

Brand: Dorma

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 Dormakaba BTS 80 Floorspring EN 3

Part Number 80120000
Spring Strength EN 3 (21 NM)
Max. Door Width 950 mm
Max. Door Weight 300 Kg
Features Adjustable sweep speed 175 - 0 degrees
Adjustable Hold-open from 75 - 175 degrees
Adjustable Delayed action from 75 - 175 degrees
Mechanical Backcheck from approx 80 degrees
Certification CE marked
Successful independently tested to BS EN 1154
Note NOT suitable for fire doors due to hold open option (See BTS 80 F & BTS 80 EMB for Fire doors)


 Click here for BTS 80 Floorspring Specification Sheet