Exidor 503A-B/AD Push Bar Three Point Panic Bolt

Brand: Exidor

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Exidor 503A-B/AD Push Bar Three Point Panic Bolt

The Exidor 503A-B/AD is an elegant and highly functional three point panic bolt for single and double door applications. Incorporated as standard is an automatic top trip and easy clean floor socket. The three locking bolts ensures a higher level of security and the main body is fitted with an anti-thrust device, which prevents leverage of both the top and bottom shoot bolts from their sockets. For situations that require the panic bolt to be linked to a monitoring or alarm system, a microswitch can be fitted in the slave unit. The microswitch closes/opens an electrical circuit when the cross bar is operated.

  • Non-handed
  • CE marked for safety
  • Surface mounted
  • 38mm wide footprint
  • Suitable for doors with narrow stiles
  • Silver finish
  • Three point locking
  • For aluminium doors
  • Suitable for doors up to 1220 mm wide and 2440 mm high.