Dormakaba TS 83 BC Surface Door Closer

Brand: Dorma

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Dormakaba TS 83 BC Surface Door Closer Silver

Easy-action door closer with “thinking” backcheck

Easy to fix and even easier to adjust. The door closer for almost every door size and application.

Decades of experience have gone into the development of the Dormakaba TS83.

The result is user comfort coupled with outstanding versatility. It can be adjusted to suit almost all types of door.

It can even be supplied with additional anti-corrosion protection for exposed applications or aggressive conditions.

Fixing couldn’t be easier – and last but not least – it’s engineered for excellence.

Certified to ISO 9001


For the trade

  • Low inventory costs and reduced stocking requirement thanks to streamlined product range.
  • Practical and effective solutions to meet special applications thanks to comprehensive choice of accessories.

 For the installer

  • Easy to fix.
  • Can be “tailored” to the requirements of the door by simple adjustment.
  • Spring strength range EN 2–5 and EN 3-6 to suit virtually every application.

 For the specifier/architect

  • Compact closer design and sturdy flat-form arm assembly.
  • Wide range of standard functions supplemented by optional extras.
  • Suitable for fire doors.

 For the user

  • Optimum wall and door protection thanks to “thinking” backcheck.
  • Closing speed virtually unaffected by temperature fluctuations.
  • Proportionately low opening resistance thanks to high mechanical efficiency.


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