Dormakaba PHB Contur Modular 1 Point Touchbar Actuator (Steel Latch)

Brand: Dorma

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Dormakaba PHB Contur Modular 1 Point Touchbar Actuator (Steel Latch)

  • 1 point modular actuator and touchbar with steel anti-thrust latch.
  • To suit doors up to 1000mm and 1300mm wide.
  • CE Marked BS EN1125.
  • Non handed.
  • For horizontal and vertical panic lock mechanisms.
  • Straightforward fixing.
  • Universal use of PHT external fittings.
  • Electrical strikes for special applications.
  • Silver finish.

Dormakaba’s PHA and PHB products

These cover in full the hardware requirements that arise in facilities frequented by the public such as hospitals, universities and schools, concert halls, shopping malls, hotels and administrative buildings.

Practical panic hardware for many door situations

With the series PHB 3000 pushbar combined with the universally applicable PHT external fittings, Dormakaba is able to offer a range suitable not only for narrow stile doors but also timber and similar full-face doors. The wide security latchbolt engages in a keeper that is normally mounted on the frame. This ensures that the latch is extremely easy to mount and that the door is also securely locked.

Quality tested

The Panic Hardware products of the series Dormakaba PHB 3000 have been tested to and certified compliant with EN 1125. All products meet the requirements of Annex ZA to EN 1125 and are therefore qualified to bear the mark of conformity.

Benefits for the trade/distributor

  • Modular system for reduced stocking requirement
  • Non-handed
  • Universal use of PHT external fittings

Benefits for the installer/fabricator

  • Straightforward fixing
  • Easy adjustment to different door widths and heights

Benefits for the architect/specifier

  • For horizontal and vertical panic lock mechanisms
  • External fitting with Dormakaba
  • bespoke lever handle or knob
  • Electrical functions for special applications

Benefits for the user

  • Simple operation
  • Excellent quality ensures long lifespan
  • Universal electric strike

Click here for the PHB Contur Modular 1 Point Touchbar Actuator Specification