Dormakaba LM 2 Part Aluminium Hinges

Brand: Dorma

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Dormakaba LM 2 Part Aluminium Hinges.

The Dormakaba LM series of aluminium hinges has been developed to give fast, safe and precise door hanging for different types of door construction. The new LM series incorporates the long term experience that Dormakaba has gained in this field. This in turn has been supported by rigorous test procedures which exceed the norm for this type of product.

Plus points

•Comprehensive range for all conventional

•Easy to fix - no milling or routing, door assemblies only 4 or 6 holes to drill


•No visible screw connections

•For door widths up to 1200 mm and door

•Fast fixing with lock pin arrangement leaf weights up to 120 kg

•Rugged and secure attachment ensured by insert plate.